10 Insane Stories About MMA Legend Bas Rutten

A true mixed martial arts (MMA) pioneer, UFC heavyweight champion, Hall of Famer, and three-time King Of Pancrase, Bas Rutten enjoyed a storied career in the sport before moving on to commentate for the legendary PRIDE organization in its heyday.

He’s also renowned for being one of the most colorful, charismatic fighters ever to compete in either the ring or the cage.

“El Guapo’s” antics outside of fighting are also legendary, and in this article, you’ll discover just that as we recall 10 of his best stories featuring everything from crazy car crashes to chaotic barroom brawls.


Swedish Bar Fight

Of all Rutten’s stories, the most infamous occurred one drunken night back in the mid-1990s at the renowned Spy Bar in Stockholm, Sweden.

Before he even entered the nightspot that night, bouncers had warned the star not to cause any trouble, but even though he did little more than party hard, it wasn’t long before they took him to the side and insisted he leave.

Though he agreed, the bouncers seemed intent on causing trouble and started shoving him before things escalated further when one lunged forward and poked him in the eye.

Karma was served swiftly, however, as Rutten landed a single punch that knocked the bouncer out. But he still had 4-5 others to contend with, and so as he continued fighting he realized he had to make his escape. After running down a staircase he noticed a rack of broomstick handles and grabbed one to help defend himself, but then thought better of it since his pursuers might also use them, so he put it back and continued on.

Unfortunately for him, when the bouncers passed the same area they all grabbed the makeshift weapons and then cornered him at the exit, which was locked, leaving Rutten trapped. He turned to face them, ready to go down swinging, but the approaching bouncers suddenly stopped. Puzzled, Rutten turned around and saw that a swarm of police cars had shown up and were now waiting outside the exit.

Rutten ended up being thrown in jail that night and was facing six to nine months behind bars due to the fact that one of the people he’d KO’d turned out to be a policeman, but after some negotiation, he was released a few days later without charge with quite a story to tell.


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