Cyborg’s UFC Future Unknown After Women’s Featherweight Removed From Rankings

The latest update to the UFC’s official rankings had a glaring omission – the women’s featherweight division.

The February 11-released update featured quite a few changes. On top of the entire 145-pound women’s division apparently being removed, Israel Adesanya and Montana De La Rosa gained considerable ground in their title pursuits. And Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series alum and recent LowkickMMA interviewee Ricky Simón moved into the bantamweight elite as he now occupies the No. 14 spot.

Moreover, the ramifications in removing the entire division will no doubt be felt. Former featherweight queen Cris Cyborg has already caught wind and she sounds like she is taking it personal.

”I saw that they took my category off the site. I do not know how much that will change anything. If you do not [have] my category, you are indirectly cutting me,” Cyborg told ESPN Brazil in a recent phone interview. “So I think a lot of things are going to happen.

”Those who follow my career know about the struggle to get my UFC weight category,” she added.

Cyborg still has one fight remaining on her current UFC contract and her head coach Jason Parillo has already indicated she plans on trying to reclaim her title. That being said, if Cyborg has aspirations on fighting for five more years, she might have to take her talents elsewhere.

”I want to fight for five more years. I like to fight, it’s my job, I do not have any injuries or anything that is preventing me from fighting,” Cyborg said.

”This [elimination of the UFC’s female featherweight rankings] may try to erase my category. But it does not erase who I am. People are with me wherever I go. Wherever I’m fighting, my star will shine like it has throughout my career.”

This article first appeared at LowKickMMA.com

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