LFA 33’s Kyle Stewart Predicts He’ll Be in the UFC This Year

With four wins in four fights in 2017, welterweight Kyle Stewart was able to match the output he had previously experienced in the two years prior.

In particular, the second half of Stewart’s year was monumental for him, as he was able to get one step closer to his career goal with opportunities to fight on the national stage.

“I made my LFA debut (in May) and fought Ty Freeman, and I finished that fight in the first round, and that’s when I got the call to do the Contender Series (in July),” Stewart told “I was a little injured before that fight, so I didn’t look as good as I wanted to in that fight, to say the least, but I was able to win that fight (versus Jason Jackson).

“My 2017 was pretty good. My goal for 2017 was to put my name on the UFC’s radar. I wanted the UFC to know who I was. My call to the Contender Series kind of accomplished that.”

Not only was Stewart able to double his win total last year, he also feels he’s grown quite a bit and matured as a fighter.

“Honestly, everything has gotten way better,” said Stewart. “I think now I’m a lot more comfortable in the cage. I’m more comfortable testing things out, setting guys up, not getting too excited and remaining calm. Being calm and turning it into a technical fight and not let it turn into a brawl.”

At LFA 33 this Friday in Dallas, Texas, Stewart (8-0) takes on fellow undefeated up and comer Jaleel Willis (8-0) in the evening’s 170-pound main event.

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