Tyron Woodley Fires Back At Kamaru Usman’s Claim About Signed Title Fight

Tyron Woodley fires back at the recent claim that Kamaru Usman made on his official Twitter account.

This has been a developing story for the last few months as former interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington was originally the #1 contender. That has changed due to the recent struggles to get this fight booked. Also, UFC President Dana White was so impressed by Usman in his last fight that he thought he should get the next title shot.

Earlier this month, Usman sent out a photo of a signed bout agreement to fight Woodley on social media. This was supposed to take place at UFC 235. The only problem is the fact that Woodley claims he hadn’t signed the deal. Instead, he made it known that he was still trying to get a fight against Covington. Thus, when Usman stated on Twitter that the fight was a “done deal,” Woodley quickly responded.

Woodley’s Response

“Bruh. Quit lying to these people and getting them pumped. Will fight Colby and you this year. He has to catch this fade first.”

This led to the title contender responding by stating that he never meant both sides were done.

“What am I lying about? Do I not have a signed contract with your name on it? Just face the reality March 2nd you’re standing across the octagon from Me. Now get your shit together and let’s run it @TWooodley.”

This led to Woodley having a response when he brought up how Usman is not ranked higher than Covington in the UFC official ranking.

“Bruh…..you are coming off stupid and I don’t do Twitter Beef you got my line. But what you don’t have is a damn agreement signed by me. Now quit lying before I lose respect for you. I said I will fight both of you. The order is to be determined. Chill, take a number & fall back.”


“I’m coming off stupid…? The order has been determined by the Boss himself @danawhite now like you said you’re the only one who hasn’t signed. I wonder what that means.”

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