UFC Champ Stipe Miocic Stands Firm as a Firefighter in Latest Modelo Spot

Stipe Miocic “Fighting to Uphold Heritage” Modelo Commercial

Stipe Miocic Explains Why He Kept Job as a Firefighter

(Courtesy of Modelo USA)

UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic became the first UFC fighter to ink an individual deal with the fight promotion’s new beer sponsor Modelo Especial earlier this year, and the beer maker is already ramping up its Miocic-focused promotions.

Having already launched a commercial a few weeks ago, Modelo this week started pushing out another commercial centered on Miocic, his family’s immigrant heritage, and his decision to continue being an active firefighter paramedic, while simultaneously holding the UFC heavyweight championship.

Modelo is a brand originating in Mexico and imported to the United States, so the company leans heavily on its immigrant synergy with Miocic’s family background, as his parents are both hard-working immigrants from Croatia. Miocic was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but maintains a strong connection with his heritage, which is often backed by a huge contingent of Croatian Americans in his hometown.

Miocic is also unique in that he maintains his position as a firefighter paramedic, refusing to give up that career even though he has UFC gold wrapped around his waist and doesn’t necessarily need to work a job outside of the Octagon.

“We kind of started both at the same time, being a firefighter and a mixed martial arts, I started fighting, started training. I won a couple fights. I was going to school to become a firefighter and paramedic,” Miocic explained in a companion interview that Modelo released via its Youtube channel alongside the new “Fighting to Uphold Heritage” Miocic commercial.

“My whole life, I’ve been helped to where I needed to be. Being a firefighter helps me give back. And I’ve worked so hard to become a firefighter paramedic, why would I let it go? I worked so hard to become a UFC champion, why would I let it go? So I’m not gonna give up anything that I’ve worked so hard for.”

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