Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Teofimo Lopez full fight video highlights

Watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Teofimo Lopez full fight video highlights from boxing’s main event above, courtesy of ESPN.

The Lomachenko vs. Lopez event took place Oct. 17 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vasiliy Lomachenko (14-2) defended his WBA (Super), WBO and The Ring lightweight titles. Teofimo Lopez (16-0) put his IBF lightweight title on the line.

The judges scored the fight for Lopez (116-112, 119-109, 117-111).

Check out more highlights below.

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Round 1: Lopez jabs and then misses on a right hand to the body. Lopez jabs a couple more times but can’t find the range. Lomachenko is laying back and taking an early read on Lopez. Two jabs and a right hand to the body comes from Lopez. Jab from Loepz gets blocked by Lomachenko. Lomachenko blocks another right hand from Lopez. Lomachenko feints but has hardly thrown a punch in this opening round. Lopez throws a right to the body. Lomachenko continues to study Lopez but hasn’t let anything go offensively. Right hand from Loepz falls short. Lomachenko jabs an misses in the final 10 seconds. Lopez 10-9 by default, Lomachenko didn’t throw anything. Lopez 10-9.

Round 2: Lopez jabs and has it blocked. Another measuring jab comes from Lopez who then tries a right hand to the body. Lomachenko blocks three punches from Lopez but one shot knocks Lomachenko back a little. Jab to the body falls short for Lopez. Lomachenko still not throwing any punches yet, just a lot of feints and foot movement. Counter left hand lands for Lomachenko now, his first of the fight. Jab lands over the top for Lomachenko. Lomachenko clocks another jab from Lopez. Clean left hand lands for Lomachenko as he steps to his right. I’m still going to edge this round to Lopez on his activity. Lopez 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Lomachenko parries a jab. Another jab from Lopez gets picked off. Lomachenko using a lot of footwork to try to wear on Lopez. Lopez tries a right hand to the body that grazes Lomachenko. Two hooks to the body make partial contact for Lopez. Lomachenko continues to throw a lot of feints at Lopez to see how he reacts. Left to the body lands well for Lopez. Three quick punches land for Lopez and Lomachenko fires back and lands. Lomachenko has been too passive early in the fight. Lopez 10-9.

Round 4: Lomachenko blocks a jab from Lopez. Lopez stalks forward but misses on a right hand to the body. Lomachenko blocks another jab and the steps to the side. Jab lands upstairs for Lomachenko. Lopez steps after Lomachenko but misses on a body shot. Jab lands for Lomachenko. Right hand makes contact to the body for Lopez. Jab from Lomachenko makes a little contact upstairs. Well, I don’t know when the last time this was the case but I have Lomachenko down on four consecutive rounds. Lopez 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Lopez jabs but can’t find the target. Lomachenko slips a jab from Lopez and circles back to center ring. Right hand from Lopez makes solid contact to the body. Lomachenko slips a jab upstairs. Right hand from Lopez just misses up to the head. Two more body shots make contact for Lopez. Jab lands for Lomachenko upstairs. Lopez still taking the rounds on Lomachenko’s inactivity more than anything. Lopez 10-9.

Round 6: Lopez steps forward behind a measuring jab and then tries a left to the body. Jab lands over the top for Lomachenko. Three pujnches come from Lopez but Lomachenko defends it pretty well. Jab lands upstairs for Lomachenko, then another. Now Lomachenko throws three punches and lands one pretty well. Left hand makes contact for Lomachenko upstairs, then a jab. Right hand lands to the body for Lopez. Lopez jabs to the body. Uppercut lands pretty well for Lopez. Lopez 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Lomachenko can’t afford to give away anymore rounds on my scorecard. Lopez comes forward behind a couple of hooks as Lomachenko puts his guard up. Check hook from Lopez just misses. A follow up combination has Lomachenko moving backwards. Right hand lands downstairs for Lopez. Jab lands to the body lands for Lopez. Now Lomachenko lands a jab upstairs. Lopez is much more active and comfortable with his offense. Lomachenko throws three punches but Lopez lands a good body shot. Lomachenko tries to get a little more aggressive now and lands a right hand over the top. Two big hooks miss for Lopez. Lopez 10-9.

Round 8: Counter jab lands for Lomachenko, who is getting very aggressive to start the round, holding his ground. Jab lands for Lomachenko. Straight left hand lands for Lomachenko but then a clash of heads causes a momentary break in the action. Right hand to the body makes contact, but Lomachenko lands a good counter. Hook from Lopez misses. Lomachenko lands a clean left hand upstairs, then another, then one more! Lopez tries to stand his ground and back Lomachenko off with power shots. Left hand from Lomachenko just misses upstairs. Jab lands well for Lomachenko, then another. Right hand lead lands for Lopez. Lomachenko 10-9, 73-79.

Round 9: Lopez comes forward and throws a hook that gets blocked. Jab from Lomachenko misses. Lomachenko comes forwards and lands a good left hand upstairs. Lopez jabs and has it blocked. Left hand to the body lands for Lomachenko. Right hook to the body misses for Lopez. Three quick punches touch Lopez upstairs. Jab from Lomachenko lands. Lopez throws a couple of punches that get blocked. Clean left to the body lands for Lomachenko now. Lomachenko 10-9.

Round 10: Counter hook makes partial contact for Lopez. Jab from Lomachenko lands over the top. Jab lands again for Lomachenko upstairs. Jab and right hand land for Lomachenko again. Jab lands clean for Lomachenko, then a left hand, then another left hand. Lopez counters with a combination as Lomachenko covers up. Jab and left hand tot he body lands for Lomachenko. Jab gets in for Lomachenko again, then a left hand. Jab lands for Lomachenko once more. Left to the body from Lomachenko scores, but Lopez gets in a body shot of his own. Hard body shot lands low and causes a break as the referee steps in. Lomachenko says he’s ready to resume the action almost immediately. Lomachenko 10-9, 93-97.

Round 11: Lomachenko blocks two shots from Lopez. Lomachenko steps in and lands a few shots at close range. Lomachenko is landing pretty well up close. Jab lands upstairs for Lomachenko, then a hook as he steps to the side. Lomachenko throws a jab and then gets pushed back by Lopez. Lomachenko steps forward and throws a couple of quick shots. Left tot he body lands for Lomachenko, Lopez holds. Jab lands upstairs for lomachenko, then another left hand, then a jab. Lopez might be fading here as Lomachenko has been picking it up these last few rounds. Lopez is smiling with his back along the ropes as Lomachenko has been landing a lot recently. Jab lands clean for Lomachenko. Hard left tot he body lands clean for Lomachenko. Straight left lands upstairs from Lomachenko now. Lopez is laying back along the ropes and then comes forward behind a couple of body shots. Lomachenko 10-9.

Round 12: Lomachenko looks for a lead left hand right away. Lopez throws a jab to the body and then pushes Lomachenko back. Lomachenko steps in and Lopez holds on. Right hand lands upstairs for Lopez, then a couple of body shots. Straight left lands for Lomachenko but Lopez lands a good uppercut. Straight left hand lands for Lomachenko. Lomachenko steps forward but walks into a hard body shot from Lopez. Straight left lands for Lomachenko. Straight left lands for Lomachenko again. Lomachenko throws a quick combination but can’t land. Left hook lands for Lopez, then another. Now Lomachenko lands a shot. Lopez throws some power hooks as Lomachenko stands in. Lopez gets cut over his right eye from an accidental head clash and is bleeding pretty badly. Referee calls a break to have it looked at. Lopez lands ashot and Lomachenko gets one back. Lopez 10-9. I’ve got it for Teofimo Lopez, 116-112.

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